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Wellness article

BUDAPEST Wellness and Spa resorts

In the early 1930s, Budapest, as the capital city having the most healing thermal springs in the world, was awarded the title "Spa City". The seat of the International Balneological Association was established at the Gellért Thermal Bath in Budapest. This was motivated by the Congress with the following: "... no city can put forward a stronger claim to this than Budapest.Endowed by nature with a wonderful generosity of excellent thermal waters and unrivaled natural beauty, additionally, its high medical professionalism, the excellent equipment of its healing institutions, the high level of scientific research, makes Budapest the optimum choice for international affairs of balneology to be handled from here ... "


City of Sopron

City Guide SOPRON:
The spectacular architecture of the city, its wealth of monuments and its cultural life make the city very attractive in Hungary and abroad as well. Today’s artists contribute to art, music, literature and acting. This was the guiding line when the festival-, cultural and exhibition programme of the city is compiled. Ferenc Liszt, claiming Europe his home, whose compositions and art connect nations, performed at his first concert when he was 9 years old in Sopron.

Feelings and thoughts about AGE

Nowdays in our society, emphasis is being laid on carrier, shape of body, exercise, being nice and reach. Of course these cannot be undermined, but a greater part is also played by one’s feelings and thoughts. A person passes through various stages of depression, happiness, setbacks, personal troubles etc. One key factor for effective health lies in controlling these sentiments.


Keep your metabolism revved

While it's true your metabolism naturally slows down by about 2 to 5% per decade after age 40, there are plenty of things you can do to fight back.  Exercise is key for immediate - and lasting - benefits. 
Engage in aerobic exercise 4 to 5 days a week: It is obvious that aerobic activities like running, brisk walking, swimming, and bike riding burn calories and increase metabolism while you are working out. But interestingly enough, several studies show that aerobic activities cause your metabolism to stay increased for a period of time after exercising. More...