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BUDAPEST Wellness and Spa resorts

SPA resorts and wellness hotels in HungaryIn the early 1930s, Budapest, as the capital city having the most healing thermal springs in the world, was awarded the title "Spa City". The seat of the International Balneological Association was established at the Gellért Thermal Bath in Budapest. This was motivated by the Congress with the following: "... no city can put forward a stronger claim to this than Budapest.Endowed by nature with a wonderful generosity of excellent thermal waters and unrivaled natural beauty, additionally, its high medical professionalism, the excellent equipment of its healing institutions, the high level of scientific research, makes Budapest the optimum choice for international affairs of balneology to be handled from here ... "

Flying into the Budapest Ferihegy Airport, visitors can still see the evidence of the communist years, with row of row of architecturally bland concrete high-rise apartment buildings as well as beautiful wellness hotels in both sides of the river.
Downtown Budapest, however, retains its old world charm with a magical beauty, especially at night. The old bridges and buildings have been rebuilt and are illuminated. Towering over the Danube is a castle where the Hapsburg royal family lived when Hungary was part of Austria-Hungary. Opposite side to the Parliament you can see the old Hilton hotel next to the castle. Budapest is filled with outdoor cafes, restaurants and wellness hotels. Built on hot springs, the city is known for its thermal baths and spas from different ages, like turkish baths or modern wellness SPA facilities with luxurious massages.

“It’s unique,” said Andrea Wurmb, a tour guide in Budapest. “There are 129 functioning hot springs within the city. Show me another capital that has the same thing. There isn’t any.” Come to Budapest any time of the year and the best Spa Wellness treatments are waiting for you.

Approximately 10 percent of Hungary’s gross domestic product is from tourism, a sector that has taken a hit from the recent global economic downturn. Tourism is showing signs of a rebound and Hungarian officials believe that the lower costs of food, hotels and attractions here relative to other European cites will make it increasingly attractive to cost-conscious travelers.

“When I think of Hungary, I think of history, I think of culture, I think of food, I think of wine,” Mr. Parkerson told GlobalAtlanta in an interview beside the Danube. “Here you have a hard-working populace. It’s like a sponge waiting for further development to take it to the next level. There’s nothing not to like about Hungary. “


Budapest Ramada Aquaworld is One of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe offers unforgettable entertainment to visitors of every age throughout the year. The adventure centre is covered by a giant dome, 5-storey high and of a diameter of 72 m. It is so big it could host comfortably a family of blue whales, the biggest animals on Earth. The monumental replica Angkor temple surrounded by suspension bridges, towers and pools is a breath-taking sight. The world of the “serene statues” is a perfect counterpoint to the use of the most modern architectural and technical solutions, in line with the Aquaworld conception, to create a modern shrine of aquatic culture offering complex adventures to visitors.


Ramada Resort Aquaworld****superior , Budapest 

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