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City of Sopron

City of Sopron

Sopron and its surroundings are among the most visited beauty spots of Hungary. What should a visitor think of when coming to Sopron? The taste of Kékfrankos (Lemberger), the historic silence of the city centre, the vista of Lake Fertő, the scent of cyclamen, the whisper of Lövérek? Quite possibly all these together. Many experiences, memories and feelings relate to Sopron. The most faithful Hungarian city is a meeting point not only in terms of history, geography and culture, but it is also the scene of people meeting people, because it is a great place to get together. Sopron is also the city of opportunities, since it offers its visitors diverse recreation, relaxation and sport opportunities.

Sopron is located in the North - western part of Transdanubia, between Lake Fertő and Sopron hills, on the bank of Ikva brook, in the Western gate of Hungary. The diverse natural beauties of the surroundings, the enchanting atmosphere of its streets, the historic and cultural heritages invites tens of thousands of visitors for exploration.

In the subalpine climate city, awarded with the European Prize millennia are built upon each other. Everything that can be attractive is here, the historic downtown with its intimate streets, rare beauties of gothic, baroque and renascence architecture, its historic memories and culture. The atmosphere of a village with wine cellars is here together with the magnificent architecture of long gone ages, winding alleys, medieval atmosphere squares, here and there emerging city walls, masterpiece balconies, arched gates, hewn benches. The city is Hungary’s second richest city of monuments.

The spectacular architecture of the city, its wealth of monuments and its cultural life make the city very attractive in Hungary and abroad as well. Today’s artists contribute to art, music, literature and acting. This was the guiding line when the festival-, cultural and exhibition programme of the city is compiled. Ferenc Liszt, claiming Europe his home, whose compositions and art connect nations, performed at his first concert when he was 9 years old in Sopron.

During Sopron Festival Weeks the musical performances in Fertőrákos Cave Theatre calling the atmosphere of the old, Egyptian stone temples are spectacular events. The fantastic acoustics, lighting and projected settings give an unforgettable experience. The Old Music Days, the choir festivals, the Early Spring Festival, the Sopron Wine Festival, the Pan-European commemoration and the professional happenings further diversify the city’s offer.

Sopron is a beautiful city, one of the greatest sites of Hungarian cuisine, an empire of tastes. It is generous with its guests, offers many specialities of which its famous wines and local dishes deserve special attention. Sopron’s viticulture and wine culture goes back more than 2000 years in history. It is among the historic vineries of Hungary, deservedly bears the title “City of Wine and Grape”. The most common vine of the wine-growing region at the foot of the Alps is KÉKFRANKOS. Its deep red wine has a distinctive taste and it is rich in acids.

Sopron, with its natural environment – Sopron hills, Rák brook valley, ‘Balfi mountain range’ with Lake Fertő – has an unparalleled landscape of absolute harmony. Canyons, slopes, marked hiking routes, built resting sites, more than forty springs, twenty brooks, seven lakes, five outlooks and thousands of surprises welcome nature’s visitors. Sopron’s world famous subalpine air and its pleasant climate are beneficial for our guests longing for relaxation and recreation. The natural beauty of trees and flowers with the characteristic whispers and sounds of the forest will become a lasting memory.

Recreation programmes for individuals and groups
Culture and gastronomy
Sopron trough the eyes of a local - guided city tour
Esterházy castle (castle museum, Haydn days, concerts)
Széchenyi castle (castle museum, riding school),
Fertőrákos - cave theatre (performances between June and July.),
Pan-European Memorial, Fertőszéplak – ethnographical houses
Concerts in the Liszt Ferenc Conference and Cultural Centre
Theatre nights at Soproni Petőfi Színház
Wine tasting, Kékfrankos Nyár wine programmes
Sopron Beer Tour (introducing beer-making and its tricks in the Sörház (brewery) of Brau Union Hungária Sörgyárak Rt.)

Eco- and active programmes for nature lovers
On nature’s healing paths – hikink, Celtic festival, recreation in the Nature Park of the Sopron hills
Museum train (Nagycenk - Fertőboz, Apr-Sept., Sat-Sun.)
Casino - nights in Casino Sopron
Pony riding, horse riding, riding tours, exploring Sopron and its surroundings with carriage
Sightseeing flight
Ski tours in Austria (with transfer, ski ticket, guide and trainer if needed)
Bike rental, bike trips
All day mountain hiking in the Alps (RAX) with a professional guide
Eco-tour by bike in in Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park
Bird watch tour in Fertő- Hanság National Park
Canoe tour in the reed lands of Lake Fertő
Excursions in Sopron hills, Fertő-Hanság National Park with a tour guide
Boat trip on Lake Fertő (on the Hungarian side, on the Hungarian and Austrian sides)
1 day organised coach trips to explore the Eastern regions of Austria (Wien, Eisenstadt, castle tours, Schneeberg, Mörbisch - Water

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