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Feelings and thoughts about AGE

Feelings and thoughts about AGE

Nowdays in our society, emphasis is being laid on carrier, shape of body, exercise, being nice and reach. Of course these cannot be undermined, but a greater part is also played by one’s feelings and thoughts. A person passes through various stages of depression, happiness, setbacks, personal troubles etc. One key factor for effective health lies in controlling these sentiments.

Every one would like to live a longer and fulfilling life. Everybody also knows how hard it is. A human being is full of sentiments, feelings, desires, different stages of life and social interaction. All of the above affect health of a person differently. Pain, sorrow and happiness are part and parcel of human beings. Given all these things how can one stay fit and live a longer life?

A good portion of staying healthy relates to the way one feels towards life and how sensitive one is towards different aspects of life. Family relations, money problems, social tensions etc. can take a heavy toll of one’s health. With constant grief, sorrow and troubles over the life span of a person, one definitely becomes weak in heart and body. One cannot live a healthier and fuller life. These are surely going to shorten the life span of a person.

A person can have a very nice body, but still remain unhealthy, sick and may live a short life, if one is not having good feelings. In order to have proper health and a long prosperous life, it is important to control one’s sentiments and feelings. The truth is that one can have no control over so many things like death of near and dear ones, social conflicts, or even feelings of other people . I have seen many happy families in one moment and getting ruined in the very next. There are countless such situations which happen within no time and leave one shattered.

The best thing is to understand that one can have no control over a large number of things in one’s life. To feel for them is but natural. If one realizes that there is nothing that one can do about those happenings, the pressure of pain will get reduced.

One should always try to control whatever is within one’s control. These can be family issues, job related problems, relations with the society, personal behavior and above all personal thoughts. One main factor of reducing tensions is to develop a habit of thinking positively.

One can experience a healthy and long life with right ideas, control over one’s thoughts and sentiments and being more practical with life. Remember "nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so". Even bad things can be seen as having positive impact on our life in 10 years time period.


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